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In This FREE Training Brad Reveals:

  • Where the greatest opportunities are in the market right now and how you can capitalize on them
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Meet Your Course Sales Coach...


Brad Lea is a leading authority on web-based training. Experienced and proven in sales and marketing, he is a seasoned professional with a strong base of sales management coming from 25 years in the Automotive Industry. 

Brad’s thought leadership has been instrumental in helping guide some of today’s most effective and productive sales professionals worldwide. Brad is also the author of the Real Deal Lease Presentation.
Engaging, authentic and dynamic, Brad is passionate about helping companies discover and develop additional recurring revenue models and improving existing systems and processes.

As the Founder and CEO of LightSpeed VT, Brad has revolutionized the online training world. He has set the gold standard for how training is delivered, tracked and reported on ensuring maximum performance, accountability, retention and results.
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